Credit & Special Thanks

Image & Design Credit

Code & Web Design

Erin Holt (Web Design, Testing)

Harit Raval (Code, Programming)

Equilonic (Browser Testing)

Samantha M. (Consulting, Advice, Tech Support)


Design & Feedback

Elaine Tipping (Logo Feedback)

Ogawa Brooke (Logo Feedback)

Alistair Hardy (General Design, Costumes)

Reoma (General Comic Design, Logo Feedback)



Stuart Atholl Gordon (London, UK, Special locations)

Silvia Stan (London, UK)

David Bank (London, Germany)


Language Adaptation

Rebecca Burgess (Local Color, English)

Mike Morris (Local Color, English)

H0lyhandgrenade (Local Color, English)



Erin Holt (Trailer #1, Audio Timing, Com/post)

Mike Morris (Voice of Jude Hawthorne)

Star_ik (Trailer #1 Music, "Halloween.")

Soundroll (Trailer #1 Music, "Spying on You.")

Yura_fresh (Shapes)

Enchanted Studios (Logo Blot)

AvidEditor (Transitions)

Vude (Transitions)


Writing & Research

Stuart Atholl Gordon (West Hampstead on location)

Mark Langham & Fr Tim (Westminister Cathedral)

Mary Yana (Swedish Names & Locations)

Narialand (Nigerian Names & Culture) (Genderqueer & Non-Binary) (Transgender Issues, Gender Variance)



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