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Main Characters

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Jude Hawthorne

First appearance: Ch. 1

Self-identified amateur novelist, professional vampire hunter.

He likes to jog and write, and at night he is commisioned by his parish to fight vampires. Though they might disapprove of his methods, they can’t look away from the sheer number of vampires he manages to defeat. Jude is a Vim and naturally attracts vampires. He can also channel energy through objects, “fetishizing” them and creating objects of temporary power. Age 22. Despises the name, “Trap.”


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Anthony “Tony” Ashcroft

First appearance: Ch. 1

Childhood friend of Jude. Tony is a newly ordained priest, but he has been working under the table as an illegal exorcist since he was 18. Tony is obsessed with gaming and is often found at 2AM awaiting the newest release of the hottest games on the market. Tony is a Void and naturally attracts ghosts that wish to possess him. He can be a bit nervous but rarely lets his fear stop him from doing the right thing.


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Lawrence Livingston

First appearance: Ch. 1

Works at the Recharge Cafe where Jude does his writing. Seems to invade Jude’s privacy often.


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William Duberfort

First appearance: Ch. 2

Recorded in the Metzger database of vampires-at-large as a serial kidnapper and obsesser over arts and theatre. William orchestrated a hide-and-seek game with Jude at the Royal Opera House by leaping onstage dressed as the “phantom” in the production of The Phantom of the Opera. To his delight, Jude rushed to join him onstage, thus leading to a bizarre game of cat and mouse.

After the fiasco was over, he left a mysterious medallion on Jude’s coffee table as well as old corrospondance from the long-missing occultist Ian Hallows. His motives and whereabouts are currently unknown, but he seems ot have insider knowledge of Jude’s history as a vampire hunter.


Main Characters (Not Actually Present)

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Ian Hallows

First mentioned: Ch. 1

Famous occultist and reported inventor of Hallows Theory, a diagram that seeks to predict the energy characterisitcs of the living and the dead. He vanished without a trace fifteen years ago, but his ideas and research still reverberate in the world of the occult.


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Gemma Stone

First mentioned: Ch. 1 (Jude’s penname)

In chapter 1, this is Jude’s pen name. It is revealed in chapter 9 that there may have been a real person by this name.




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